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TourBox Neo Creative Software Controller - Black

by TourBox
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Equipped with all-new knobs and buttons, TourBox NEO allows creators to control their workflow seamlessly and confidently. 

Ergonomic design enables you to control with just one hand. More built-in functions are made for different scenarios. Whether it is digital painting, designing, photo editing, or video editing, you can use TourBox NEO in creative software in an incredibly intuitive, faster, more efficient, and seamless way.

WOW! Working is Like Playing Coloring Games.
You can easily control the size, flow, transparency and hardness of the brush during drawing with a versatile knob, zoom in and out with a roll, or drag images by pressing a button. All these controls can be achieved with a single hand without moving it.In addition, TourBox NEO also works seamlessly with a mouse and a digital panel.

Such an Intuitive Operation.
In Adobe Lightroom, you can easily adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, and other parameters with a simple turn of a knob. Your eyes only need to focus on the changes in the image, and there’s no need to look at the parameter bar, helping you focus on your creation.

That’s Cool.
With the dial, the knob, and the scroll, this is the editing tool I’ve always wanted. Whether it’s timeline fast-moving, frame by frame stepping, or timeline zooming in/out, you can do whatever you want with TourBox NEO.

Dedicated Knob for accurate and Smooth Tuning.

Enjoy The Fun of Control
In a series of navigation operations, like image zooming in/out, canvas rotating, timeline zooming in/out and others, the scroll, knob, and dial on TourBox can be operated in combination with its side button, tall button, short button, and other buttons to achieve more advanced functions.

Efficient and Accurate Brush Control
A versatile knob enables you to easily control the size, flow, transparency, and hardness of the brush without interrupting your workflow, allowing you to focus on your creation.

Simply set the software shortcuts to TourBox NEO to significantly reduce the difficulty of operation, speed up your workflow, and enhance the creative experience. You can also configure your own TourBox NEO according to your own habits and different software.

Not Familiar with Shortcuts? No Problems!
Creative software should come with easy-to-read label shortcuts that illustrate its functions. The console’s interactive prompt system plays a key role in the editing process and makes TourBox NEO extremely easy to use. An interactive HUD stays on screen at all times and you can make a visual navigation map pop up with just one click. Say goodbye to hard-to-remember shortcuts that involve keystrokes on a keyboard, and enjoy a powerful, intuitive button layout instead.

Use Multiple Creative Software Simultaneously? No Problems!
During the creation process, TourBox NEO will automatically switch presets lists senselessly according to different creative software, making the creation process smoother. Even when using other software like Chrome, YouTube, etc., TourBox NEO can automatically switch to the corresponding presets list for you.

Match Mouse Functions to TourBox NEO? No Problems!
Not only all the keyboard shortcuts, but also the functions of the mouse can be perfectly set up to TourBox NEO. Whether it’s the left button, right button, middle button, or wheel, there are more possibilities than ever before.

Use it, Rely on it
We followed users’ thinking logics and operation habits when designing TourBox NEO’s hardware and software. Thanks to the powerful tag system and prompt system, anyone can use the device easily in no time. After using it for a while, you will find it has become part of yourself. Its layout for one-hand operation, intuitive control and powerful customization functions can lift your work efficiency to a new level. Yes, a real tool must be the extension of hands, which helps you think, create and control in the way you want and lets you rely on it.