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Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat.jpg
Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat.jpg
The Wahoo KICKR Floormat is the perfect partner for your KICKR.
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Wahoo New KICKR Power Indoor Bike Trainer_1.jpg
Wahoo New KICKR Power Indoor Bike Trainer_2.jpg
Brand new! The ultimate indoor bike trainer, the Wahoo KICKR, is better than ever!
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Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk_1.jpg
Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk_2.jpg
The Wahoo Fitness desk is the desk for multi-tasking. Use it as an indoor cycling desk with your KICKR or as a standing desk in your office.
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Wahoo KICKR Snap Indoor Bike Trainer_1.jpg
Wahoo KICKR Snap Indoor Bike Trainer_2.jpg
The Wahoo KICKR SNAP is the KICKR for those who don't need as much kick.
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This freehub makes your KICKR compatible with Campagnolo 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes.
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This kit comes with everything you need to mount most 12x142mm through axle mountain bikes on your KICKR.
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