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With one simple touch or voice command, this rugged and waterproof camera captures fully-spherical 360-degree video in up to 5.7K/30fps resolution with 360-degree audio.

Macnificent is fully authorised to sell Garmin products. The Garmin Virb 360 is sourced via the authorised channel in South Africa.

Rugged 360-Degree Camera with 5.7k/30fps Resolution and 4k Spherical Stabilisation
The VIRB 360 is the first of its kind. With one simple touch or voice command7, this rugged and waterproof camera captures fully-spherical 360-degree video in up to 5.7K/30fps resolution with 360-degree audio. It includes built-in sensors for G-Metrix augmented reality data overlays3. The 4K/30fps spherical stabilisation4 ensures smooth video regardless of camera movement. Plus, videos and photos are automatically stitched4 in camera, enabling fast sharing as well as instant livestreaming5 with the free, easy-to-use VIRB Mobile app.

Resolution up to 5.7K/30fps unstitched and 4K/30fps with in-camera stitching¹

4 built-in microphones capture 360-degree audio

4K spherical stabilization² ensures a smooth video regardless of camera movement

Built-in sensors provide G-Metrix data overlays in 360-degree augmented reality³

Easy-to-use, free VIRB Mobile app and VIRB Edit desktop software enables you to edit, stabilise, share and add data overlays to videos

Constantly record for more than 1 hour on 1 charge4 — without overheating

If it’s a memory worth remembering, why not have a 360 view of it. The VIRB 360 rugged, waterproof camera is true to its name by recording full 360-degrees, horizontally and vertically. You can forget about timely post-production work because the VIRB 360 will auto-stitch¹ your 4K footage in camera. If you’re looking for higher resolution, you can record video in unstitched 5.7K resolution at 30fps. You can choose between different recording modes such as time lapse, manual and more. Even capture 360-degree photos, burst shots, time lapse and Travelapse photo capture up to 15 megapixels — stitched in camera. Combined with the 4 built-in microphones for 360-degree audio, you and your viewers will be totally immersed in the 360 experience.

Take a shaky, hard-to-follow video, and turn it into a smooth and stable masterpiece in 1 click. Regardless of camera movement, the 3 modes of 4K spherical stabilisation² ensure a smooth video. Stabilise mode smooths quick movements and vibrations without overriding camera orientation. Use lock mode to secure the orientation of the camera in a specified direction. In follow mode, the orientation follows the GPS trajectory.

With the free, easy-to-use Garmin VIRB Mobile app and VIRB Edit desktop software, you can edit, stabilise, share and add data overlays to videos. Use the VIRB Mobile app to connect the camera to your Apple or Android device. Connect your NFC-enabled Android smartphone to the camera with just 1 tap of your phone on the camera. Then, use your smartphone as a remote control for the camera, see live 360-degree video of what you are recording, use a virtual reality (VR) device to instantly view your 360 videos in VR, or livestream to YouTube and Facebook

Retell your story in greater detail than ever before. Built-in sensors, such as GPS and GLONASS, barometer, accelerometer and more, provide countless customisable G-Metrix data overlay options in 360-degree augmented reality². Just select premade templates of the data points you want and see your custom data overlay displayed in your video. Other compatible Garmin sensors and devices pair with your VIRB to extend camera control and provide detailed, measurable data tailored to your activity. Check the Compatible Devices and Accessories tabs for a list of compatible products and sensors.

“OK Garmin, start recording.” It’s that easy! When you are about to speed down a rugged hillside, chances are you don’t want to reach up and press start. Now you can just use a voice command7 and the camera will start and stop recording and take photos. Additionally ask VIRB 360 to “remember that” to tag specific moments in your adventure and quickly find them again later.

This rugged camera is built to endure everything from a white-water adventure to a child’s birthday party. The VIRB 360 is waterproof to 10 meters, small and lightweight enough for any adventure and it features strengthened glass lenses you can easily replace without tools. The camera works with Garmin’s durable mounts as well as other standard mounts and accessories and it can shoot more than 1 hour on a single battery charge4. The sunlight-readable display shows battery, storage, mode and connectivity status.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend you watch 360 videos in the YouTube app on a mobile device or tablet. To view interactive 360 YouTube videos on a desktop, you’ll need Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

In The Box
Garmin VIRB 360 action camera
Lithium-ion battery
Charging/data cable
Tripod cradle (1/4”-20)
Action cradle
Grippable tripod

Please Note
microSD® card not included.

¹On-device stitching only up to 4K/30fps
²Stabilization is applied using VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software and is only available for videos stitched in camera
³G-Metrix augmented reality overlays are added using mobile or desktop app before sharing
44K stitched-in-camera default setting
5Livestreaming only available on compatible Apple® devices
6See for compatibility
7Voice control available for English (U.S., U.K.), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and Mandarin

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